Maintenance of your deck is an important thing as it helps prolong its life and keep it looking fresh and like new. Sealants and oils on wooden decks will often fade and wear out or be washed away. So you need to apply oil or sealants. Your wooden decks will also warp, cup, and split, so they need restoration. If the seal coating and oils wear out or are washed away, you need to recoat it. Applying wood protection oils helps control moisture and reduce warping, cupping, and splitting. This way, you allow your wood decks to last longer. The protection oil resists water entering the wood from inside out, so you will find it an ideal solution for outdoor application whether on thermally modified wood or natural wood.

Considering Australia has a challenging tropical climate, you want to make sure that your wooden decks are treated properly to last longer and protect it from the elements. If you have rotten boards, cupped, or split wood planks for the decks, you need to have them replaced. We punch down or countersink protruding screws and nail and seal up the adjacent areas. We sand the wood surface to make them even and smooth before we apply oils and sealants. Jay Duggin Painting offers you deck maintenance services to ensure your decking remains in tiptop condition and lasts longer.

Is decking hard to maintain?

Maintaining a deck isn’t hard if you have the equipment and understand the different methods to protect the wood. You also want to know which product works best for different kinds of wood. For many homes and commercial property owners, they lack the knowledge and skill and even the equipment needed to maintain the deck. So it proves a hard task for them. You need to contact Jay Duggin Painting to maintain your decks in good shape.

How often does decking need treating?

At Jay Duggin Painting, we recommend that you treat your decking at least once per year. If the decking receives a lot of traffic and beating from harsh weather conditions, you may do treatment twice a year.

What is the ideal gap between decking boards?

Deck boards should be installed in such a way that when seasoned or dried out, they have a gap of about 1/8 and 1/4 inches between the boards. The goal is to have a space or gap of not more than 1/8 inches between the boards after the deck boards have dried to their equilibrium moisture content.

Is it better to paint or stain a deck?

The choice as to whether you should paint or stain your deck isn’t easy. You will find that the method you use of the two depends on your ultimate goal. If you want to protect your decking from outdoor elements whilst being able to maintain its original, natural look, you may consider staining. On the other hand, if you are looking for colour options and hide the flaws of decking, you may go with painting. Our painters at Jay Duggin Painting will offer you advice on what method you should use.

Looking forward to maintaining and restoring your wooden decks? Contact Jay Duggin Painting today. We offer decking maintenance solutions in South Australia including staining, painting, and restoration.