We provide professional wallpapering services in South Australia for both residential and commercial clients. Our team of master craftsmen have successfully completed many wallpapering projects in Adelaide and the surrounding area and have decades of experience between them. In short, if you have a wallpapering job and you want to make sure it is done properly, to the very highest of standards, we are the company to call. Whether you would like us to wallpaper a single room or an entire room , we can complete all the work at a competitive price and we guarantee you will be impressed with the results.

Wallpaper Installation Experts in South Australia

We pride ourselves not only on being able to hang wallpaper perfectly every time but on being able to finish all wallpapering installation work without causing any unnecessary disruption to our clients’ home or business lives. If you take advantage of our professional wallpapering services, you can look forward to a hassle-free, genuinely pleasant experience from start to finish. Thanks to our meticulous preparation and first-class wallpapering skills, we are able to achieve outstanding results on every wallpapering project we undertake.

Call South Australia’s Wallpapering Specialists Today

If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our experts, please do not hesitate to call any time during business hours. We will be delighted to prepare a detailed quotation covering all your needs and to answer any questions you may have about our wallpapering services. In the meantime, you may find some of the answers you are looking for in the FAQ below.

How Long Does It Take to Install Wallpaper?

It depends on the scope of work and type of rooms that you would like us to decorate. If you would like an accurate estimate of the time it will take us to finish the job you have in mind, please call or email us at your convenience.

Is Mould a Problem with Wallpaper?

Fortunately not. With modern moisture-resistant wallpaper, mould is not an issue, even in very humid conditions. And for walls that are exposed to a lot of water, a vinyl covering is a great option. If you have an existing mould problem, we will, of course, treat your walls before we install your new wallpaper.

How Far in Advance Should I Book Your Wallpaper Installation Service? 

Generally speaking, the more notice you can give us, the better. However, if we happen to have a space in our schedule, we are always happy to accommodate requests at short notice too. If you would like to make sure that we are able to complete a wallpaper installation before a specific date, call now to discuss your requirements with one of our specialists.