One of the challenges when you’re building a new home in Adelaide, renovating your existing property or adding an extension, is to make the more functional spaces look attractive and welcoming, while at the same time ensuring they remain hard wearing and durable.

Spaces such as garages, laundries, indoor/outdoor kitchens and patios that generally require concrete floors because they are in constant use, all face this challenge. The surface needs to be able to stand up to non-stop traffic, but at the same time there is still a desire for a smart, contemporary finish.

As Adelaide house painting specialists, we have found over the years that flake flooring is one is one of the best looking and most cost-effective solutions to meet these varying needs.

What is flake flooring?

An epoxy flake floor uses thin layers of coloured acrylic flakes encased in epoxy to produce a uniquely patterned finish. This makes it easy to personalise the look and style, so that your new or renovated floor complements the design concepts elsewhere in your home.

The installation process is usually completed in multiple stages. Firstly, we diamond grind the floor so that the base coat can penetrate the concrete. This is then followed by another base coat, which is directly followed by the application of the flakes so that they can adhere to the surface. We then finish it off with two clear top coats to give it a great new look. This process creates the hard wearing nature of the finished surface.

The benefits of epoxy floor paint finishes

One of the reasons why epoxy flake coating is such an attractive solution in spaces where paint for a concrete floor is required is that it can create unique, colourful finishes that can be customised to suit your specific design and style needs.

In addition, regardless of the dimensions of the floor space, epoxy floor paint produces a seamless finish that is resistant to stains, skid marks, chemicals, dents and scratches, and so can withstand almost anything that can be thrown at it. This also means that flake flooring is very low maintenance and easy to keep clean in any environment.

It is also possible to add an anti-slip aggregate to the mix so that an epoxy flake coating can be used in spaces when floors are likely to get wet during use, ensuring the surface remains safe and hazard free

Using epoxy flakes in public spaces

It’s not only in the home that flake flooring can offer an attractive yet practical solution. Facilities that are open to the public and get exceptionally heavy use can very often be neglected when it comes to the quality of the finish and appearance, as the focus tends to be more on ease of maintenance and the need for long lasting performance.

However, epoxy flake coatings can also be the ideal choice for installation by councils, local authorities, retailers and other commercial operators in a variety of public spaces where durable concrete floor painting is required.

The toughness and durability, combined with a customisable decorative finish, means that epoxy flakes can be used to paint concrete floors in public toilets, workshops, factories, schools, shopping centres, medical centres, , or anywhere where there is a concrete substrate but where a smarter, more decorative look is required.

Do you want to know more about epoxy flake coating?

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