How local are your expert local painters?

Jay Duggin Painting are your expert local painters in Adelaide.   That’s right – we’re calling it out – if you live in Adelaide or surrounds, we’ve got you covered.  Actually – we’ve got your walls, doors, concrete floors, decking and so much more covered!

Access is Easy!

If you’re lucky enough to live in Adelaide, you’ll know that we’re really just an oversized country town.  From one side of town to the next, everything is within arms-reach, generally with less than an hours’ travel in any direction. 

So why is this so great?  Well other than the obvious time it frees up on getting from A to B, it also means we have access to the best of the best – at pretty much any given point in time!  Your local painters for example, might be based on the other side of town, but they’re just as accessible as the painter who lives around the corner from you.

Now I hear you asking – why should I bother with the painter on the other side of town?  Great question!

Here’s why:  Quality. Accountability.  Respect. Honesty. Hardworking.

When only the best will do

See, your truly local painters – the ones who live around the corner, may not be experts in their field of work.  When you’re getting your home or business repainted, or a new premises painted for the first time, you want the job done properly and to the highest of standards. 

Your so-called ‘local painter’ is probably just a handy-man-style painter trying to be a jack-of-all-trades to everyone local to him.  Your handy-man is probably not a true expert painter, which goes without saying that he’s unlikely to give you that same professional finish that a only truly professional painter can provide to you. 

So what the real question here should be is, are you looking for a backyard handy-man job, or are you looking for a truly professional finish.  If you’re looking for a painter who guarantees their work, are accountable, have served across Adelaide and South Australia for more than a decade, provide honest services with 5 year warranty and who have proven their hard-work and been rewarded with multiple awards, then their physical location should not be a limiting factor for you.

Local Painters in Adelaide

So if you’re on the hunt for the perfect local painter, and you live in Adelaide, just remove that word ‘local’ from your search!  Jay Duggin Painting would be happy to provide you with all your professional painting needs – whether it be residential, commercial, interior or exterior.  We’ll be your expert local painters!

Have you found the best exterior painters Adelaide has to offer yet?

Hopefully we’ve given you some useful tips on sorting out the newbies from the pros! When you want your exterior painting job done right – you want a team of professionals, backed by a guarantee, backed by accreditations, and with real-life reviews and testimonials from real clients that validate experience and customer satisfaction. 

 Our team here at Jay Duggin Painting are ready to take your call and give you the best advice needed for all your exterior painting projects.


Jay Duggin Painting provide a 5 year workmanship warranty. 

A workmanship warranty, unlike a product warranty, warrants that the product will not fail due to incorrect preparation and procedures of the contractor.

You will have confidence that your Dulux Accredited Painter will complete a quality job delivered in a professional manner from quotation, specification to application.


“The Warranty guarantees that the coating system applied will not peel, flake or blister for a period of five years as a result of faulty surface preparation or application of the coating system, subject to the conditions laid out in the Warranty document.”


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